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14th Sept 2013

Waqf-e-Nau Ijitima

It is my pleasure to present this report to you on our first ever national Ijtemah which was held in Dublin, Ireland on Saturday 14th of September 2013. The Ijtemah was a daylong event planned and organised by Waqf-e-Nau department Ireland with able guidance and whole hearted support of Imam Ibrahim Sahib Missionary In-charge and Dr. M Anwar Malik National President

This Ijtemah provided the Waqfin in whole of Ireland an opportunity to meet and know each other. Two sessions were held during daylong session. The activities on the ijtimah comprised of short speeches by some of our selected speakers. Arrangements were made to relay speeches Talawat Nazams from lajna room to main hall. One hour of open forum was made available in each session, in which we invited our Waqfin to express themselves or present any item of their choice.

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Inaugural and concluding sessions commenced by recitation of Talawat and Nazam which were presented by our Waqfin. Later on the boys and girls were split into two groups and Syllabus tests were taken by the examiners, Nasirat were examined by lajna examiners, as a confidence building measure for the child, we permitted either one of the parent to be alongside the child during the course of the test.

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An inspirational Inaugural address in the first session was made by Imam Ibrahim Noonan Missionary In-charge and Naib National President Ireland in which he explained and emphasised the importance of the Waqf, he dwelt at length to elaborate that once the waqfin devote themselves there in nothing of their own, they have to submit completely on whatever Khalifatul Masih V orders them to do. In the second session secretary Waqf-e-nau Major Shahid Ahmed presented the report of Ireland’s first Ijtimah. The concluding session was addressed by a stimulating speech by National President, who highlighted the purpose of the Waqf-e-Nau Scheme and the responsibilities of Waqfin He also addressed the parents and stressed on the role they need to play in inculcating the true spirit of waqf and also helping in the moulding of the child into a dedicated devotee.

Looking back a year and a half we have been able to make some progress in the department which is by no means a satisfactory performance, there is still a lot to be accomplished.

Report by:
National Secretary
Waqf-e-Nau Ireland

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