Ahmadiyya Iftar Dinner CKS community center Omagh, Northern Ireland,UK

With the grace of Almighty Allah, Northern Ireland Region of Ahmadiyya Muslim Association of Ireland held its Iftar Dinner on 24th May Friday at CKS center in Omagh, Northern Ireland UK.

The programme started with recitation of Holy Quran which was done by Muhammad Moazzam Sb, followed by its English translation by Dr Taha Naseer sb.

The National President of Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Ireland, Dr Anwar Malik Sb, gave a welcome address, who thanked the guests who had taken special effort to attend the event.

A small power point presentation was given by Dr Nauman Iftikhar , President of Northern Ireland Chapter of Ahmadiyya Muslim Association of Ireland ex- plaining the basics of religion Islam, Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam and activities of Ahmadiyya Muslim activities worldwide and specially in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The Chief guest of the event was Chair( Mayor) of Fermanagh and Omagh Dis- trict Council Cllr Siobhan Currie. Taking at the event Cllr Currie applauded the work of Ahmadiyya Muslim community and said that she is deeply impressed by the charitable work the community is involved in. She further said holding such events is very important as its create better understanding of different cultures and religion and so diversity celebrated that promote peaceful coexistence.

The Magrib Adhan was given by Muhammad Moazzam Sb .

Missionary In-charge Ireland East, Imam Rabib Ahmed Mirza   Sb, gave a. ex- cellent talk on significance of fasting in Islam.

The event was very well attended from different backgrounds, cultures, ethnicit- ies and religions. By Grace of almighty allah it was a huge success.

Total  attendance at the event were 107.    Out of them 91 Non Ahmadi guests attended the event.


       Cllr Ann Marie FITZGERALD , Cllr  Barry McElduff,     and Cllr Mccolgan, rep- resenting Sinn Fein Party(SF)


                                                  A group of Royal Air Force (RAF) cadets also attended the event


                                         A group of Cancer Research UK Omagh team attended the event


Among some notables were

  • Cllr Chris Smyth representing Ulster Unionist Party(UUP)
  • Cllr Ann Marie FITZGERALD , Cllr Barry McElduff,   and Cllr Mccolgan, rep- resenting Sinn Fein Party(SF)
  • CLLR Errol Thompson representing Democratic Unionist party(DUP)
  • Chief Sargent, Police Service Northern Ireland (PSNI),Omagh and Enniskillen Graham Dodds.
  • Detective inspector Police Service Northern Ireland (PSNI), Michael Winters
  • Doctors and nurses from South West Acute Hospital, Enniskillen, and Tyr- one and Fermanagh hospital

Food was served at the end of event

People loved the event and praised the good work done by Ahmadiyya community and expressed their wishes that such events should happen on regular basis as they create intercultural and inter-religion harmony.

The event was covered by all Newspapers of Omagh, including Ulster Herald, Omagh Today, and Tyrone constitution.

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